1001 Fires day of solidarity

On July 25 2020, artists and culture makers share a fragment of their work as ‘fires’ in the public space, or where it is possible, and post it on social media with the hashtag #1001Fires. A fire can be a performance, a song, an installation, a poem, a dance or anything that represents your work as an artist or culture maker.

1001 fires together burn warm and bright, and show that we are one global cultural sector that believes no artist or culture maker should be left behind, during and after the pandemic.

Join this day of solidarity for artists and culture makers affected by the pandemic across the globe by sharing a fire of your own. Big or small, bring your work to the map through the hashtag #1001Fires. Every voice is welcome and needed!


25 July kickstarts a larger mapping project, aiming to create a grassroots network of individual artists and culture makers from very diverse areas of art and culture. Through this grassroots network, artists and culture workers can connect, create and share ideas and support, both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

Share 1001 Fires